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01 - Project Background

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The project proposal take it origin from an initiative started in 2006 and developed by the 3 European Universities (Delft University of Technology, Graz University of Technology, and the Politecnico di Milano) aiming at establishing “Global Network of University Chairs on Innovation”. 

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO (associated partner in this project) during 2007 agreed to provide technical support to this initiative. In the framework of this initiative, the UNIDO financially and technically supported a workshop that has been organised in Vienna (2007). This workshop allowed representatives from the MEDA universities to discuss with the three EU universities the main R&D and innovation problems. This workshop concluded that the MEDA Universities have several problems should be addressed to qualify them to benefit from such initiatives. The MEDA universities have no mechanism to work with the industry, no technology transfer offices, no Technology Transfer Policy (TTP) and no skilled staff to translate the industry need to R&D subjects. 

The conclusion was to apply for a TEMPUS project to establish a “University Chairs on Innovation”.  

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