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02 - Problems targeted

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Unchain is targeting specific problems and obstacles facing innovation and the university-industry relation in the MEDA region. The preliminary analyses that have been carried by the MEDA partners of this consortium (SEKEM and Cairo University, University Hassan II, Aleppo University, University S.Joseph and Sfax University) identified the following problems to be targeted in this project:  

1 MEDA industry lags behind in terms of its ability to exploitation of knowledge and the use of R&D and Innovation to create value
2 Research conducted by universities is generally of little interest to industry or relevance to the economy
3 Graduates lack the problem-solving skills applicable to real life situations
4 The needs of industry are real and industry is generally aware of its needs. However, few in industries, in the industry associations or in research in a relevant domain are currently able to translate these needs into requirements for R&D or Innovation
5 There is an almost total lack of communication between universities and industry. The process is not managed by the universities and when it happens, it is usually based on personal contacts of the company and someone based at the university
6 Lack of awareness among university researchers of the importance of devoting their research to solve local industrial problems
7 Lack of public awareness of the importance of university-industry link in particular and innovation in general
8 Lack of communication and exchanging information not only between the MEDA universities but also between MEDA and EU universities. This prevents the exchange of experiences and making benefit of the best practices


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