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03 - WP and Objectives

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The main goal of UNCHAIN project is to establish a Strategy for Innovation in the MEDA Region.

This goal is achieved trought specific objectives to be implemented in the different Work Packages (WPs) that constitute the project as a whole.

Therefore each objective is related to a specific WP. 

WP1 Establishing University Chairs on innovation in five MEDA Countries
WP2 Development of a Technology Transfer Policy (TTP)
WP3 Re-skilling program on Innovation
WP4 EU MEDA Twinning MSc Thesis Program
WP5 Developing an EU-MEDA Virtual Environment
WP6 Developing a strategy for University-Industry Cooperation in Innovation
WP7 Dissemination
WP8 Assuring project sustainability
WP9 Assuring Quality Control and Monitoring
WP10 Managing the project
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