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Sfax Meeting

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Proposal for the coordination meeting in Sfax, April 2011:

April 26 arrival in Tunis
April 27 morning departure from Tunis to Sfax
April 27 afternoon coordination meeting
April 28 whole day coordination meeting
April 29 morning coordination meeting
April 29 afternoon departure for EU partners not involved in the training (transfer from Sfax to Tunis?)
April 30 training skills
May 1 training skills
May 2 training skills
May 3 training skills, departure (transport to Tunis not decided)
May 4  
June / July last training: "Innovation " Graz

Proposition (Sibylle)
We will all fly to TUNIS and then travel overland to Sfax (3 - 4 hrs)
Adel Alimi proposes:
we gather for the night 26/27 April in Tunis, then rent a bus to travel to Sfax.

1) please check on possible arrival times  in Tunis. Can you arrive on April 26 during the day or the night 26/27 April?
Also check for departure times on May 4.
2) the meeting will be closed on April 29.
3) on April 30 we plan to start the training on "training skills".
    End of this training will be May 3 (4 days of training)
4) travel back on May 4.

This applies to Chairholders and staff. It is considered as the before-last training  for Partner Country colleagues.
The last training on "innovation" will be organised in Graz, during June or July.

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