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01 - To do list WP1

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Dear WP leader, please provide here to partners involved the to do list of the activities foreseen in the WP


Period Partner Activity
15.02-15.03.2009 MEDA Partners
  • Identify the place to establish the Chair and Training Center and getting required official approvals. 
  • Report the results and upload them to the virtual environment  (Report 1.1.doc)  
uploaded 15.03 Galal Report 1.1 to be uploaded by Cairo University Cairo Univ-Report 1.1-v1.2.doc
uploaded 15.03 Adel Report 1.1 to be uploaded by Sfax University Sfax Report 1.1.doc
uploaded 10.03 Joseph Report 1.1 to be uploaded by San Joseph University report1.11.doc                                                        
uploaded 14.03 Hussein

Report 1.1 to be uploaded by Aleppo University Aleppo report_1.11.doc           

uploaded 15.03 Jaafar Report 1.1 to be uploaded by Hassan II University Casablanca Report_1.1.doc
15.02-15.03.2009 Hani Developing a concept for identifying university-industry problems and steps of implementing WP1                              
uploaded 07.03 Hani concept of WP1 to be uploaded by EE Aachen WP1 concept-activities.doc 
15.02-15.03.2009 Marcel Preparing the questionnaires necessary for identifying the MEDA university - industry problems
uploaded  11.03 Marcel

qustionnaires to be uploaded by TU Delft UNCHAIN Questionnaire WP1 1 english text.doc                                                                                                                               

12.03-18.03.2009 Ruth arabic translation of the qustionnaires and layout design
Uploaded 18.03

final arabic and english version of the qustionnaires and guideline to be uploaded by SEKEM UNCHAIN Questionnaire english (1).doc;

UNCHAIN Questionnaire instructions (1).pdf;
 نموذج أسئلة Guidelines.pdf

 نموذج أسئلة لعمل تقييم ذاتى لجامعات دول البحر المتوسط.doc

Dear project partners,

as mentioned in the guidelines of the questionnaires, kindly find enclosed now the template for the results. I would like to ask every partner to fill the template twice, once for the university results, once for the industry results.

UNCHAIN Result Template for Questionnaire.doc

16.03-15.04.2009 MEDA Partners
  • Implementing the questionnaires and carrying out additional interviews with the university members and industrial institutions to identify the problems of cooperation, lack of innovation and communication problem
  • Each university should summarise the results of this activity and prepare a report.
  • the completed wuestionnaires and report of activities to be uploaded to the virtual environment.
Deadline 15.06  Galal completed questionnaires and report  UNCHAIN Results T for Questionnaire CairoU-v3.pdf
 Deadline 12.05  Hussein  completed questionnaires and report Questionnaire Aleppo University.pdf
 Deadline 15.06  Jaafar
  UNCHAIN_QuestionnaireResults HASSAN II.pdf
 Uploaded 15.06  Joseph  completed questionnaires and report of identified problems UNCHAIN result questionnaire_USJ.pdf
Uploaded 20.06  Adel  completed questionnaires and report of identified problems Result_template_sfax_uniersity[1].pdf
Marcel/Jan English ToR (Activity 1.2)
Deadline 12.09  Ruth

 Translation of the ToR  UNCHAIN ToR Arabic.pdf            

Uploaded 04.10  Hani  Preparing a template for report 1.3 based on the ToR Report 1.3.doc
uploaded 02.11  Galal  Report 1.3 (Activity 1.3): Appointing/Selecting the Chair's operators and introducing the Chair to the university/faculty structure. Report 1.3-CairoU
uploaded 12.10  Hussein - Aleppo  Report 1.3 (Activity 1.3): Appointing/Selecting the Chair's operators and introducing the Chair the university/faculty structure. Report 1.3 Aleppo university.doc Edit
uploaded 02.11.  Jaafar  Report 1.3 (Activity 1.3): Appointing/Selecting the Chair's operators and introducing the Chair to the university/faculty structure =Report1.3 University casablanca morocco october 2009.docReport1.3 University casablanca morocco october 2009.doc 
Loaded 12.10  Joseph Report 1.3 (Activity 1.3):Report+1.3[usj].doc
uploaded 10.10  Adel  Report 1.3 (Activity 1.3): Appointing/Selecting the Chair's operators and introducing the Chair to the university/faculty structure.Report_Sfax_WP1_3.pdf
14 October09  MEDA Chairs  Selected Chairs participate in the project meeting in Beirut and present the situation with the Chair's equipments and business plan.
14 October 09 Hani Assessment report on the MEDA questionnaiers and interviews to identify university-industry problems


Closed WP Hani Self Assessment Report



The activities of WP1 are completed. Thanks to all the MEDA partners, TU Delft and TU Graz as well as all the consortium members for their contribution in this package. We look forward for further successful completion of the other activities.  Hani ...

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Aleppo report 1.11
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 Cairo Univ-Report 1.1-v1.2.doc Edit
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 Report 1.3-CairoU
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Report WP 1.3
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Sfax result summary report 1.2
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SWOT Aanalysis-Questionnaires-Interviews.pdf
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 UNCHAIN Questionnaire english (1)-GHG-v2.doc Edit
Cairo University Questionnaire Response (one Faculty/ dept.)
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 UNCHAIN Questionnaire english (1).doc Edit
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 UNCHAIN Questionnaire instructions (1).pdf
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 UNCHAIN Result Template for Questionnaire.doc Edit
Kindly use this template for summarizing the results of your questionnaires, thank you
246 kB05:44, 31 Mar 2009RuthActions
 UNCHAIN Results T for Questionnaire CairoU-v3.pdf
Cairo University Questionnaire Response (WP 1.2)
681.07 kB19:42, 15 Jun 2009GalalActions
 UNCHAIN ToR Arabic.pdf
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 UNCHAIN result questionnaire_USJ.pdf
result questionnaire USJ
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 UNCHAIN_QuestionnaireResults HASSAN II.pdf
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 UNCHAIN_Result_Template_for_Questionnaire UNIVERSITY HASSAN II CASABLANCA 15 JUNE 2009.doc Edit
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WP 1 Self-assessment.pdf
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 WP1 concept-activities.doc Edit
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 reponse doc report 1.11.doc Edit
USJ answers to report 1.1
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 نموذج أسئلة Guidelines.pdf
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127.67 kB11:36, 24 Mar 2009RuthActions
 نموذج أسئلة لعمل تقييم ذاتى لجامعات دول البحر المتوسط.doc Edit
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