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MEDA University Chairs on innovation 



The general role of this Chair is to reduce the gap between the available innovation knowledge of universities and the need for application in industry within the MEDA region. 

The Chair should be a department/office integrated in the mainframe of the structure of the MEDA universities. During the project lifetime the Chair will be carrying out academic and administrative activities (no need for approval from the ministries). 

However, carrying out multidisciplinary R&D activities is a post objective. 

The Chair should have the following tasks: 

  • to help enterprises translating their needs to R&D subjects in the field of industrial innovation. 
  • to encourage and support the enterprises to pursue innovation in collaboration with the university thereby availing themselves of existing facilities and expertise.
  • to promote university departments to carry out commercially relevant innovation projects with industrial enterprises. 
  • to disseminate new and useful knowledge resulting from University research, license technology to industry in order to promote the development of inventions towards practical applications, to employ a range of activities such as training of faculty, staff consultancy, seminars and specialist training courses, facilitating R&D activities such as innovative products, processes and systems. 
  • to form different cooperation models with the industry such as closer and longer-term strategic alliances for mutual benefit. 

The methodology and activities that will be followed during the first year of the project to establish the University Chair on Innovation include the following Identifying the structure of the Chair and introducing it to the university structure Selecting the management team of the Chair at the MEDA universities (1 Professor, 1 Assistant, 1 Secretary per Chair) Installing the required infrastructure (office, PCs, communication tools, etc.) 

The task of training the selected team at the MEDA universities will be taken into account and inserted in the Objective 3 and also the pilot activities for university-industry collaboration (academic and research activities) is intended to be included in the Twinned project session. 

Task Group 1 (TG1) is composed of key decision makers from the MEDA universities (rectors/vice rectors), academics and administrators from TU Delft and EE Aachen. TG1 will be responsible for achieving this package. The EE Aachen will be leading this task group. 

The involvement of the key decision makers is an important issue to introduce the Chair to the university structure. One year will be required to achieve this objective including identification of the structure and installation of the required infrastructure.



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Cairo Univ. Innovation Chair and his support team
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