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02 - Patent policy check list

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Dear Meda Partner,

in order to define the EuroMed University Technology Transfer policy (WP 2.1) we'll ask your contribution and collaboration in collecting your national IP policy, law and regulations. Please follow exactly the instruction listed below, in order to fullfill the patent policy check list file.


  1. Download the file "Patentpolicy_NAME.xls"  (or the ame file "Patentpolicy_NAME.doc" )
  2. Rename the file  changing NAME with your national tag (i.e. NAME = SEKEM, HASSANII, SJOSEPH, ALEPPO, SFAX, CAIRO)
  3. Fulfill the check list answering to the questions listed in sheet "Check list", some explanations or examples are shown in the sheet "Some idea"
  4. Upload in the library page Library/04 - Library pg 4, IPR and TT policy your file and any other relevant document related to the check list request  

For any help or explanation feel free to contact


The deliverables are collected at the page "Results collection"

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