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06-(WP 2.3) Networking

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Dear MEDA partner,
the material posted on TT Policy and methodologies for the establishment of a TTO and the training sessions held, including the one in Milan, should have provide you with some additional tools to achieve the goal of strengthening universities - industry relationship and networking activities on technology transfer of your universities.
In particular, during the Milan meeting, we discussed about the relevance of networking and the different possible relationship with industry. You can find the description of the Italian Network model (NETVAL) in the course material ( 100711 Netval eng - Conti.pdf ).
To give more evidence of this work and to help you with additional tools and documents we post in this page some reports and case studies related to national but also international best practices.
The first document (NETVAL annual report - 2010_11_9_ExecutiveSummary_Interno DEF.pdf ) is aimed to give you a general overview about how to set up a TTOs national network, which are main goals and activities, which are main expected results and quantitative indicators.
The second document, developped within PROTON Europe project/association ( Responsible Partnering.pdf ) are guidelines, specific on IP management, for improving and facilitating university-industry relationship.
The third document is the operative guideline developped within Polimi TTO for IP management in cooperative research activities ( cooperative research Polimi.pdf ).
The last document is a brief check list for setting up a start up competition in order to dig out new possibile entreprenerus/companies and to attract investors ( business competition guidelines.pdf ). 
We would like to have feedback from you, feel free to post any kind of suggestions or requests
many thanks


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