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Technology Transfer Policy TTP


  The importance of improving the effectiveness of knowledge transfer cannot be over-emphasised; it is one of the key drivers to help achieve the economic, social and environmental ambitions outlined in the Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs in Europe but also addressed worldwide including MEDA countries. This project will consider the issue of closer collaboration between the practitioners of the knowledge-triangle from 4 perspectives: Training and staff exchange for creating a Technology Transfer Profession (TTP) with the identification of skills and expertise essential to be an effective TT practitioner will be taken into account. Moreover the policy will take into account model of technology transfer (TT): review of existing technology transfer experiences for good and bad practices, development of a new model of a University Chair on Innovation (Technology Transfer Office TTO) as well as provide a benchmark to compare the performance of the new developed model, benchmark on key elements of different policies, procedures and tools carried on within the Chair. Intellectual Property Strategy (IP):development of standard procedure and tools for protecting inventions through patents, identification of key elements of a framework agreement for managing IP with industries (cooperative research), identification of key elements of exploitation agreements-contracts (licensing, development agreements, letter of intent, material transfer agreements…), case studies and exercise on the surveillance of the IP state of the art, patent clustering, patent citation trees, exploitation activities: strategies, procedures and tools on the licensing process Spin-off creation and incubation: strategies, policies (i.e. conflict of interest), procedures and tools for promoting entrepreneurship within the MEDA university and research centres, good practices on business plan support and evaluation The implementation of this package needs 18 months. Task Group 2 (TG2) that will be responsible for this activity will be composed mainly of academic and administrative staff members from POLIMI, selected team representing from the MEDA partners. TTP is the outcome of this activity as well as qualified operators to run the innovation Chair (appointed team under objective 1).  



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