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02 - Milan training 12 - 15 July 2010

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Dear participant,

in this page you will find all the information about the training workshop that will be held in Milan. Here you can find the reservation form and a document with some logistic information for facilitate your stay in Milan.

Because we will be a small group of participants we thought to involve you directly in the training programme. For this reason the second day (dedicated to TTO organisation) we ask you 10 minutes presentation of how your university is managing the intellectual property protection and valorisation process and, if you have a TTO, how it is organised (5 slides). The third day is dedicated to Ip protection and we will carry out with you some research of novelty to understand if a new idea is patentable or not. If you have some real case of a new patentable invention that you are evaluating in your university please send us in advance a description of the idea and we will use your case to carry out a research of novelty.

You can send this material to me or to Dr Massimo Barbieri ( or if you prefer you can post it on the wiki in the course material page!

For all the participants we have made reservations at Hotel Napoleon ( ).

For any informatin about the workshop please contact Sabrina Prada (

hope to see you soon in Milan!

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