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Re-skilling program on Innovation



This program will be one of the programs to be offered by the University Chairs after the project lifetime. 
The target groups of this training program (after the project) are the researchers, and graduate students of the MEDA universities. 
The training program qualifies the trainees to: 

  • identify unarticulated industry innovation needs and get to the heart of the problem;
  • apply a structured roadmap for innovation to solve industry problems; 
  • take research ideas and turn them into product, process and system solutions, then demonstrate success with prototyping and piloting.   
                                                                                                                                 This (TOT) program will also prepare the graduates to labour market and to start their own business (business start-ups). The total duration of this program is 6 weeks to be carried out during the summer holidays in the MEDA countries. The lecturers will be academics from the MEDA universities and visiting lecturers from the industry. It includes mainly courses on innovation, promotion of entrepreneurship and the creation of business start-ups. During the project lifetime, selected academic and research members from the MEDA universities will be trained (TOT). The trainees will be the trainers who can offer this program regularly after the project.  TU Delft will lead the Task Group (TG3) responsible for carrying out this work package. TG3 is composed of trainers and trainees. The trainers are mainly from the EU universities and trainees from the MEDA partners who will agree to be committed to implement this program after the project. The innovation Chairs will be responsible to organize this training program within their universities.
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