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EU MEDA Twinning MSc Thesis Program



This is another program to be offered by the University Chairs after the project. The main aim is not to develop a complete MSc program but to initiate a mechanism that allows Mediterranean and European MSc students from different disciplines to carry out their thesis in innovative subject together with EU and MEDA the industrial institutions. This program will be open for all the MSc students from all involved universities mainly for engineering and innovation subjects. The program should allow:

  1. translating the industrial problems to R&D subjects; 
  2. continuous transfer of the European University-Industry cooperation experiences in innovation to the MEDA universities; 
  3. bringing industries from MEDA and EU together on common R&D objectives; 
  4. building a trust between the University and industry in the MEDA region; and e. giving the students the opportunity to expose their qualifications to the labour market. 


To develop this program, the R&D areas of interest for the local MEDA industries will be identified and regularly updated. EU and MEDA academic and research departments as well as industrial partners will be involved to identify these R&D areas of interest. Then the list of industrial partners for each subject will be identified. 
The innovation Chair should promote the MEDA university departments to encourage their students to work with the selected R&D innovative subjects. The European universities should also do the same. 
For each subject, two students will be selected (from the MEDA & EU universities). 
The Chair will have the task to bring the two students together with the industrial partners and facilitate their research activities (access to the industrial facilities, data and university labs). 
The structure of this program will be developed during the first two years of the project. Pilot implementation of up to 18 MSc thesis will be carried out during the second and third year of the project. 
TU Graz will lead the Task Group (TG4) responsible for carrying out this work package. TG4 includes professors from all partner institutions and representatives from both MEDA and EU industrial partners. 
The mechanism for the MSc twining program, list of R&D subjects and pilot MSc thesis will be the outputs of this package.

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