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01 - To do list WP5

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Dear Parters, here you have the list of the first activities planned for WP5 


Period Partner Activity
mid - end february 09 METID, MEDA Univ. Set the calendar and fix dates for trips from Italy to MEDA Universities
April - July 09 METID, MEDA Univ. Trips METID - MEDA Univ.:
analysis on site of the technological and e-cooperation context of MEDA Univ./supporting the enhancement of MEDA Univ. IT infrastructure
September-October 09 METID, MEDA Univ. Design and customization of On line tools
15/11/2009  MEDA Univ. Complete the table calendar of trainining: click here
 06/12/2009  MEDA Univ. Send the list of participants to training to Centro METID: click here 
 06/12/2009  MEDA Univ. Complete, sign and send the check list requirements Unchain labs for e-collaboration training: click here
February - April 2010   METID, MEDA Univ.  Technological and methodological training actions (wp 5.3 activities)
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