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05 - WP5

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Developing an EU MEDA Virtual Environment and Strategy for University Industry Cooperation in Innovation 

WP5 is composed by 4 main activities:

  • 5.1 Enhancement of the IT infrastructure of the MEDA universities;
  • 5.2 Design and customization of the on line tools;
  • 5.3 E-collaboration technological and methodological training;
  • 5.4 On line activity management, creation of an University-Enterprise on line knowledge sharing system

All these activities are strictly related.
As regards in particular WP5.4 activity:

It is important to take into consideration that 5.4 activities are still ongoing, so a global evaluation of them will be available close to the end of the project.
The indicator of quality for this activity correspond to an adequate level of proposing e-collaboration tools to support knowledge sharing system among universities and enterprises from Centro METID.
The results of WP5 activities show that Centro METID has proposed since now several tools to support knowledge sharing processes among universities and enterprises.
The Virtual Environment itself, with all the project documentation uploaded there, will be the main output of the online activity management system and of the University-Enterprise knowledge sharing system, in fact partnership will decide which part of the Unchain Virtual Environment and which other e-collaboration tools will become visible to everybody.
The tools already available to the partnership, in addition to the Virtual Environment, are the Unchain Forum, the Live Meeting Unchain virtual room (always available to Unchain universities and on demand to enterprises) and the Unchain Tube.
For more detailed information on these results please refer to the correspondent supporting documents (see Table 1).

For a complete description of the results of these activities you can refer to the Wp5 Quality Report, also attached to this page and available here:


To ensure the internal and external dissemination, communication between universities as well as sustainability of the innovation Chair initiative, a virtual environment will be developed. 
This virtual environment is considered the foundation stone of establishing an EU MEDA network of University Chairs on Innovation (project post objective). 
The virtual environment enables the Chairs to: 

  • facilitate personal relationships and the exchange of ideas between the MEDA Chairs and EU technology transfer offices through the using of specific tools encouraging distance communication and cooperation (synchronous and asynchronous); 
  • share in the partnership the most significant project experiences through the construction of a knowledge sharing system,
  • contribute to the development of a common strategy definition.


The task group 5 (TG5) will be responsible for this work package. Centro METID - Politecnico di Milano will be the leader of the TG5 which includes also representatives of all the MEDA partners.

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