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05- Training on e-collaboration

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Dear MEDA partners, in this page you find the documents and information regarding the e-collaboration training (wp 5.3 activities):
1) CHECK LIST Requirements of Unchain labs for e-collaboration training: each MEDA Unchain Project Manager is requested to send the scansioning of the completed, approved and signed check list via mail to WITHIN the 6th December 2009.
IMPORTANT: the e-collaboration training will be organized only if Centro METID will receive the completed check list that assure that the Unchain labs are equipped according to all the requirements indicated (in the check list and in the document "HW-SW configuration e-collaboration Unchain" both attached in this page);
2) List of participants to the trainingEach MEDA universities can select maximum 15 participants to attend the training session (these people will then train other staff of the universities on e-collaboration).
Each MEDA Unchain Project Manager has to complete the list of participants (NAME, e-mail, position, professional background, etc.) and send it via mail to WITHIN the 6th December 2009.
3) Calendar of training: each MEDA Unchain Project Manager has to complete the table with the proposal of dates WITHIN the 15 November 2009
Please NOTE that the table is still in progress: we are waiting to have some information (see notes)



Proposed Date (METID) 2010 


Eventually alternative dates (MEDA Univ.) /Notes  





Cairo Univ. + Sekem  

Tue 9, Wed 10 March 



Galal and Ruth: verify the exact numbers of participants 

(Not possible between 27th March/1st April 2010)


Hassan II  

Just before or after the Casablanca Meeting (Tue 23, Wed 25 Feb) 





S. Joseph  

21st and 22d April














3rdor 4th week April



Postpone to the 3rd week of April (to avoid problems with the training in EU)

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