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Strategy for University - Industry Cooperation in Innovation



The experiences from the project can act as a blueprint for similar successive cooperation with further Universities in the regions. A suited documentation of the processes should help to improve the efficiency of more projects and to establish a sustainable cooperation.

All the previous activities will enable the project consortium to gain experiences regarding:

  • University-Industry problems in the MEDA region
  • Difficulties to establish Innovation Chairs
  • Difficulties regarding cooperation between EU & MEDA Universities
  • Best practices of MSc twinning program
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the re-skilling program

The virtual environment will be an excellent tool to facilitate the communication and reporting activities.
Reports will be exchanged and stored on the server.
All the project partners should prepare regular reports about the mentioned aspects.

Task Group 6 which composed of the leaders of all the other task groups will participate in achieving this package.

In order to develop a strategy for university-industry cooperation it is necessary to organize experts meetings with the experts of all participating partners including the UNIDO and IMC. The meetings will be held at different locations, 2 in Europe (Delft & Milano) 4 in MEDA countries (Lebanon, Syria, Morocco and Tunisia). 
The objective of those meetings is to formulate an overall strategy focusing on university-industry cooperation and serving at the same time as a manual for the university Chair describing its mission. 
The results of the meetings will be documented. Finally, a workshop will be organized at one of the MEDA universities to formulate the frame of the EU MEDA university-industry strategy. 
The strategy will be based on the results of the previous meetings and the documentations prepared under 6.1 
The meetings and trips will be used for other activities, management, dissemination events, and quality control.

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Thoughts on flexible & robust (against change) strategy formulation
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A short (1 page) draft for discussion: initial thoughts on Innovation Support Strategy in CU
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