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  To set the dissemination strategy, the consortium identified the different target groups for dissemination: a) University professors, researchers, administrators, students and graduates from the EU and MEDA countries (to support the university-industry cooperation and make it successful); b) Government officials mainly from both MEDA ministries of Higher Education and Industry to politically support this cooperation by different means (supporting the implementation of the TTP in the MEDA region and the EU MEDA university-industry strategy); c) Industry partners from the MEDA/EU countries to participate and collaborate with the universities to force the innovation culture inside the universities and financially support R&D activities; and d) public in the MEDA region to introduce the culture of innovation in the MEDA region. 
Once the target groups have been identified, the project consortium decided different information channels to make the outcomes of the project available for the identified target groups. 
The information channels and activities can be summarized as follow: 
  • Web-based dissemination: Different web-based tools will be developed in this project to disseminate the results in an easy and cost efficient way. Web communication server will be used for internal and external dissemination of the results. All documents will be saved on the server to make them available for each member at any time and any place. Email groups will be used to disseminate results, news and events. A website will be developed and regularly updated. The site will include all information about the activities, events, achievement, etc. It will also offer for the public the possibility to register and participate in the project events or other activities.
  • Dissemination Events (Innovation Train):This train is an initiative that will be travelling between the four MEDA partners to disseminate the project outputs. Different target groups will be invited to attend (ministries, industry, other universities, donors, NGOs, etc.). Well known speakers will be invited to attract the audience. Students will be given chances to present successful stories. Speakers from the industry will be invited to stress on the importance of university-industry cooperation. Representatives also from the UNIDO and the Industrial Modernization Center will be invited to provide the audiences with professional presentations. 
  • Publications (Support Package): The support package will be developed for promoting the idea of the innovation Char. The package includes different publications such as flayers, posters, booklets and video materials that illustrate the project success and results. Different versions of this package will be available to target different groups (universities, public, industry, international organizations, etc.). 
  • Media in the MEDA region: The influence in the MEDA region of the UNDIO regional office, IMC and SEKEM will be used to involve the media in all the project events and meetings. Text and materials will be prepared and sent to the media to be published. 
  • Documentry Video Film: The consortium will document the best practices of the succesul processes as video materials (e.g. successful student innovation MSc). 
All the materials will be collected in a video film to be available online and to be sent to other target groups (e.g. universities, industry, ministries, donors, TV channels, etc). 
The consortium is also considering to use events organized by other organizations (not from the project fund) to disseminate the results such as conferences, workshops, etc.


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