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01 - To do list WP8

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Dear WP leader, please provide here to partners involved the to do list of the activities foreseen in the WP


Deadline Partner Activity
 15.11.2010 Consortium  Identificationt the members of the sustainability committee
 12.11.2010  Sfax The Chair selected Dr Mohamed Turki to represent Sfax in the committee
 25.11.2010  Aleppo  Dr Hussain appointed also alocal committee for sustainability, great job, thanks
 24.11.2010 U.S.J. Dr Joseph Mezher is the representative of U.S.J. Uni in the committee
  Hassen II No representative so far
                          Cairo Representative is Prof. G. H. Galal-Edeen (just a minor update to data added b4)
 25.11.2010  MEDA Unis Please use this template to list the activities and estimated cost per year to sustain your activities after the project.
 24.11.2010  Aleppo  Submitted on the 25th of November, thank you
 25.11.2010  St. Joseph  Submitted on the 24th of November, thank you
   Cairo Uploaded.
   Sfax  please upload
   Hassan II  please upload
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 Activity 8.2 Aleppo University.pdf
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365.45 kB17:50, 24 Nov 2010Hussein.Al MohammadActions
 UNCHAIN Aleppo-3-11-2010.pdf
No description
457.59 kB13:12, 7 Nov 2010Hani.SewilamActions
 WP8-Act.8.1.doc Edit
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64 kB12:51, 7 Nov 2010Hani.SewilamActions
 WP8-Act.8.2-Cairo-Univ-v3.doc Edit
Cairo Univ. Sustainability Budget Prop. (Version 3)
131.5 kB12:51, 6 Jul 2011GalalActions
 WP8-Act.8.2.doc Edit
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70 kB12:51, 7 Nov 2010Hani.SewilamActions
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Any news? has the Sustainability Committee met or made any decisions? Any meeting notes??
Posted 14:10, 19 Jun 2011
I have now updated the document "WP8-Act.8.2-Cairo-Univ-v2.doc" with progress information. There was no feedback on the earlier version, or any responses to my question above. What is happening? Is here anyone out there reading this?
Posted 03:56, 24 Jun 2011
Hello. Anybody there? Please report on the latest situation with the Sustainability Commission. I have made one more minor update to our sustainability budget proposal.
Posted 12:55, 6 Jul 2011
Hello? any action since our meeting and discussion on this in Vienna on 7th & 8th July? This is a really important issue and we need some progress on it.
Posted 15:11, 30 Aug 2011
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