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The purpose of the sustainability commission (TGS) is to set and implement the sustainability plan of actions during the project lifetime and set a long-term sustainability plan and mechanism. 
The selected members is made up of cross-party selected members (it includes representatives of the EU partners, at least one representative of each MEDA university, representative of the industry, students and professors). 
The TGS will have the tasks: 

  • To promote the internal and external (project and context levels) to fund and facilitate the activities of the university Chairs. Active lobbying will be the core activity of this commission to organize meetings with University presidents, key persons from the Higher education ministries, key persons from the industry ministries and politicians
  • To develop the capacity of the wider community (including enterprises) to promote greater understanding of the meaning of innovation for the developing the society.
  • Expose the success of the project implementation and its impact on improving the production chain to the industrial partners and explain them how the project activities are meeting their needs
  • promote the feeling of ownership among all the involved partners and targeted groups and explain how the project meets their needs
  • advise other task groups to include the sustainability dimension in the related activities.
  • to involve European companies to joint research projects to open the process for both directions


Representatives from all the consortium members in addition to the EE Aachen and representatives of all targeted groups (researchers, employees, students, industrial partners).

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