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Quality Control and Monitoring



Internal Quality Control: It will be based on applying the methodology known as “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (ISO 9000:2000). An internal evaluation board (Quality Control Task Group TGQ) will be selected from the consortium members including the grantholder, QC expert from SEKEM and the external expert to implement this methodology. TGQ will monitor and control the activities based on the project time plan as listed under III.4. . Regular quality control of each work package will be carried out (as indicated under package 9). The assessment will be based on the indicated qualitative and quantitative performance indicators. The tools that will be used for the quality control and monitoring are; a) questioners, b) interviews, c) self-assessment reports, d) reports of the TGQ, etc) site inspection, and f) evaluation surveys. The involved evaluators will not be only project members but also the opinion of all stakeholders (e.g. industry), targeted groups, students and trainees. The Industrial Modernization Centre in Egypt (IMC) will be involved in this activity to assess whether the project meets the R&D strategies of the MEDA countries. The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) agreed to be involved in this activity and provide guidance for the consortium through its local offices in the MEDA region. 

External Quality Control: A) Inter-Tempus project coaching is decided to be carried out with different MEDA TEMPUS projects. There is an agreement already with the grantholders of these projects to carry out the inter-coaching activities. This will help the consortium to regularly assess the activities and benefit from the other experiences. B) External reviewers will be invited to evaluate the activity and assess the progress of the project. External industry partners will be invited also to assess the effectiveness of the achieved programs and submit recommendations for the following steps. In case the internal or external assessment indicates that the quality differs from the one expected or the outcomes will not be achieved on time, TGQ will report immediately to the management task group (TGQ). TGQ will react immediately by investigating the reason and implement the necessary actions.



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