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10 - Administration

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Dear Partners, this page is aimed at collecting all the administrative documents of the project 

Exchange rates:

For calculating your expenses you have to use the official exchange rates of the European Commission. You have to use the exchange rate valid on the date of the invoice.,&Language=en

This is the link to the official exchange rates (also available in french).

Especially for travel reports this may have the effect, that you have to use different rates:

if for example the invoice for the airticket is from January, the invoice for insurance is from February, and you travel in March (then the rate in March applies for e.g. taxis...) so you have to use 3 different exchange rates.


Tax exemption 
Official letter from Eur. Commission for proof of tax exemption
Finance-Guideline  Guideline for financial administration - for all project partners
Staff Cost Template Template for staff cost - for all project partners
Travel Report Template Template for Travel Report - for all project partners
(Also see Travel report_nizar as an example)
Equipments Price Comparision  Template for price comparision of equipments - only for MEDA partners
Equipments inventory form  Template for inventory list of equipments - only for MEDA partners
letter form brussels.pdf   Financial details, Report from Tempus Grant Holders Conference 2009
 UnCHAIN_Travel_Report_nizar-1.doc   Travel Report Example
 financial rules for visits at partner universities.doc

Expenses of the host university for coffee breaks, bus transfers, lunches etc. are not eligible expenses for the host uni. The file gives answers on how we will deal with this kind of expenses.
(The guests pay cash at the host university, and the per diem must be used to cover these expenses.)



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 120612_final report_workversion for Chair holders.doc Edit
ALL PARTNERS: please re-check a last time before submitting it!
16.6 MB10:41, 12 Jun 2012martina.haindlActions
 22052012_final_report_workversion_Hani_II.doc Edit
No description
17.38 MB23:53, 10 Jun 2012Hani.SewilamActions
No description
79.16 kB20:20, 6 Mar 2009Hani.SewilamActions
NEW guidelines and new travel and staff forms to be used
503.88 kB13:20, 3 Apr 2009Sibylle.BrauneggActions
Official letter from Eur. Commission for proof of tax exemption
972.65 kB08:34, 20 Feb 2009Sibylle.BrauneggActions
 UNCHAIN_Staff_CostNEW.doc Edit
Staff Convention: Form including Staff categories
58.5 kB12:09, 27 Oct 2009Sibylle.BrauneggActions
 UnCHAIN_Travel_Report_nizar-1.doc Edit
You should make your travel cost statement with your home institution in the usual way. The INDIVIDUAL GRANT HOLDER REPORT for Travel and Costs of stay must be filled in for the TEMPUS project. I want to receive only this GRANT HOLDER REPORT and copies of the original invoices, boarding passes, etc. This is an example of such a report, so that you see how you can insert your costs. The prices I have inserted are just a "wildcard".
71.5 kB11:21, 17 Apr 2009Sibylle.BrauneggActions
 financial rules for visits at partner universities.doc Edit
How do we deal with expenses of the host institution? This is the guideline for this kind of expenses.
742 kB13:40, 17 Mar 2010Sibylle.BrauneggActions
 letter form brussels.pdf
Financial details, from Tempus Conference 2009
96.07 kB13:47, 24 Mar 2009Sibylle.BrauneggActions
 template_inventory_list.DOC Edit
No description
63 kB20:20, 6 Mar 2009Hani.SewilamActions
 template_pice_comparision.doc Edit
No description
36.5 kB20:20, 6 Mar 2009Hani.SewilamActions
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