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12 - Live Meetings

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Dear Partners, this page is dedicated to Unchain Live Meetings
Live Meetings allow synchronous communication, file sharing and collaboration


The system of Live Meetings proposed is Adobe Connect.


In the subpage you find a quick start guide explaining the main functionalities,
some basic information and hints that will help you in the use of Adobe Connect, 
System Requirements and the User Guide.

The live session meeting system proposed is dedicated to Unchain project participants
therefore each partner that have access to the wiki can use it
but Please remember:
Adobe Connect works like a virtual meeting room: it is always open, but it has to be booked en advance, 
using the Google Calendar. 

Then What do you have to do to organize an on line meeting with some colleagues of the Unchain project?

It is very simple:

- Open the Google Calendar (you find the link in this page, see below): Log in Data: 
a) user that have already a Google Doc account: use your Google Doc log in data to access the Calendar 
b) user that don't have already a Google Doc account: we have created the account for you and the log in data are:
username: mail used to access the wiki
password: unchain09

- include your reservation in the Google Calendar;
- Go to the Unchain Live Session System  and start the meeting ...

... last but not least: 

The Google Calendar is set on the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), therefore:

  • you have to book the live meeting using the GMT as common reference for every country;
  • you can compare GMT whith the time zone of your country according to the following table:
GMT   Egypt  Morocco  Syria  Lebanon  Tunisia  Austria The Netherlands  Italy
 +2  + 0  + 3  + 3  + 1  + 2  + 2 +2  


















      Click on the link you see here above to go to the Google Calendar freccia.jpg
                Click here to access to the Unchain Live Meeting System


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