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01 - Unchain Mailing List

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Dear Partners,
this page is dedicated to the Unchain Mailing List.
This tool is aimed at supporting an esier communication among partners involved in the project.
Using the mailing list, in fact, is possible to send a mail to all the members of the list at the same time.
Please NOTE: if you want to reply to a message sent by someone to the mailing list and you want that all the members of the mailing list receive your comment, remember to choose the option:  "REPLY TO ALL".
The Unchain Mailing List address is the following:
For a better use of the mailing list, it is important your cooperation:

- Please read carefully the document "Mailing List Hints"

- Please check the list of the email address that are included in the mailing list, then if you need to make some changes please:

1) first: make your corrections directly in the table hereunder;
2) second: write an email with the changes you have made to

Please write to the HELP: if you would like to:

-         add a new e-mail address (new people working in the project) to the mailing list;

-         change your e-mail address in the mailing list;

-         remove your e-mail address from the mailing list





List of e-Mail address included in the Unchain Mailing List: Partnets and external people interested in the project
Politecnico di Milano
TU Graz
UNIDO "KULUR, Mithat" <>

Cairo University;
Industrial Modernisation Center;
RWTH Aachen University
Saint Joseph University
Hassan II University
Delft University of Technology
Aleppo University ;

University of Sfax;
additional email address (wiki users)


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I am sorry I tried a lot to edit the webpage to put my mail inside Cairo University category but I have failed to do so. I hope youo can help me some how to learn how to use it.
Thank you.
Posted 10:26, 20 Oct 2009
Dear Mohamed, maybe there was a contingent problem, please try again clicking on Edit Page at the top of the page and then including your contact in the table (there is a space for your mail in the Cairo Univ. part of the table)
Posted 15:10, 26 Nov 2009
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