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Dear Partners, this library is created to collect in one place the materials included in the different parts of the EU MEDA virtual environment. 
In this way it will be easier for you to find the documents you need!
In the pages of the library, in fact, you can find the documents that refer to the different parts of the WIKI and are linked from there to the library.
The files are attached in the pages of the Library according to their category (for example pg 1: presentations, Pg. 2: IT documents, Pg. 3: contact list, etc) ... 
BUT PLEASE REMEMBER... the list of documents included in the library will be always in progress because - as you know -  you can give YOUR OWN CONTRIBUTION TO THE WIKI ;)


  • Upload your files 
  • Add subpages to the Library (if you need to add a category of files)
  • Comment on someone's else files
  • Share your knowledge
  • Tell us your experiences
  • Include your presentations

..... and everything else you would like to share with the UNCHAIN community