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Dear Partners, here you find the description- with the corresponding links - of the different parts of the EU MEDA Virtual Environment

Home Page

This is the Welcome page of the EU MEDA Virtual Environment 
Here you have a general idea of the on line collaboration opportunities supported by the Wiki and you can start to explore the Virtual Environment 
In the Home Page you  also have the quick links to this page and to the Wiki Hints and HELP contacts page

Project In this part of the Wiki you can learn more about the project, in particular you find information on project background, problems targeted and Work Packages and objectives 
Partners In this page you have the list of partners involved in the project 
Meetings Here you find information and materials of project meetings, pictures included ;) 

The Library is created to collect in one place the materials that regard the different parts of the Wiki, in this way it is easier for you to find the files you are looking for ... 
but remember that this list is always in progress because - as you know - the WIKI will be updated all along project activities ... of course also with YOUR OWN CONTRIBUTION! ;)  

Work Packages This part of the Wiki includes information and materials on the 10 Work Packages (WP) that compose the project. Each WP has one (or more) dedicated page in the Wiki. 
UNCHAIN Group This page is aimed at presenting the UNCHAIN group. You can upload here your profile (picture, contacts,etc)  and see the ones of the other members of the project. 
Wiki Hints

Here you have some hints and suggestions on how to use the Wiki. 
You find a demo and a detailed user manual and also a video "Wiki in plain English" that explains in a funny way the logic of Wiki

Help Contacts In this page you find the Help contacts (technical support)
Administration In this page you find all the administrative documents of the project
Calendar  In this page you will find the list of activities and deadlines provided by project coordinator and WP leaders (with reference to the page "To do list" included in each WP)
Live Meetings  In this page you find all the details about the Unchain Live Meeting System, including the Google Calendar to reserve your live meeting session with Adobe Connect.
E-mail use in Unchain  In this page you find information about the Unchain Mailing List and the use of RSS
Suggestions  In this page you can include your suggestions to improve the wiki
Forum In this page you find all the details about the use of the Unchain Forum