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Dear Partners,
this page is dedicated to the RSS Feeds.

Using RSS Feeds you will be able to check the changes in the pages of the Wiki also in Internet Explorer 7 and Outlook 2007.
In this way, it will be possible for you to be updated about the new elements included in the Wiki: for example you can enable RSS feeds in the to do list pages of each WP and in the Calendar page so that you will be always aware of new tasks to be completed and you will not miss any deadline.

Hereunder in the page you have the Video Tutorial that shows you the procedure to enable RSS Feeds

Attached in the page you can find also the following documents that can help you in the use of RSS:


- the "Instructions-Tutorial" document including the main steps to enable RSS Feeds showed in the Video Tutorial;

- A short introduction to RSS Feeds











 Video Tutorial  



There are several ways to view RSS feeds, in the tutorial the following applications have been used: 

 - Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
Mail Client: Microsoft Outlook 2007


 For any further information and assistance please contact the HELP