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Dear Partners, 
this page is dedicated to the Unchain Forum.
The Forum completes the set of Unchain e-collaboration tools, enhancing discussion and exchange of opinions 
among partnership on specific project topics, 
while the Mailing List is used, most of all, to support general communication and information about the project.

To Use the Unchain Forum: 

1. Click here to complete the 
Membership Application Form
: remember the account data (username and password) you include in the form because you will need them afterwards to log in to the Forum;
2. Wait for the membership confirmation mail from the Forum Administrator;
3. Click here to log in to the Unchain Forum;

4. ENJOY the Unchain Forum!

Would you like to be always up-to-date on new comments, topics and discussion in the Forum?
Do you need some help?

The Quick Start Guide (Video) explains you the main functionalities of the Forum and how to subscribe to the email notification service!