19 - Final Conference 23. - 24. February, 2012 ,

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  1. 1. 22. opening night

22. opening night


This page is dedicated to Unchain Final Conference




name first name title email institution hotel
Schnitzer Hans Prof. hans.schnitzer@tugraz.at
TU Graz
Val d'Anfa
Braunegg Sibylle    s.braunegg@tugrat.at TU Graz Val d'Anfa
Martina Haindl Martina Mag.  martina.haindl@tugraz.at TU Graz Val d'Anfa
Diehl J.C. ir.  J.C.Diehl@tudelft.nl TU Delft Val d'Anfa
Christiaans Henri Prof.  H.H.C.M.Christiaans@tudelft.nl TU Delft  Val d'Anfa
 Crul  Marcel  Prof.  m.r.m.crul@tudelft.nl  TU Delft  Val d'Anfa
 Amira  Abdel Motaal  Dr. a_motaal@hotmail.com  SDF  
 Nebal  Eltanbouly  Prof.  nm_natural@yahoo.com  SDF  
 Bianca  Fliss  B.A.  bianca.fliss@sekem.com  SDF  
 Mezher  Youssef  Dr  joseph.mezher@usj.edu.lb  USJ Lebanon   will not be present
 Emanuela  Colombo  Prof  emanuela.colombo@polimi.it  PoliMi  Val d'Anfa
 Gianluca  Valentini  Prof gianluca.valentini@polimi.it   PoliMi  Val d'Anfa
 Evert  Kok  Dr.    TU Delft  Val d'Anfa
 Adel  Alimi  Prof.  + 4 persons from Tunesia = 5  SFAX  
 Galal-Edeen  Galal  Prof.   Galal@acm.org  CU  Val d'Anfa
 Ghandour  Nouran  Prof. Nourandour@hotmail.com  CU  Val d'Anfa
       no participant  Aleppo  

Hotel Information:

You may reserve with this hotel, mentioning Prof. Barkaoui  m.barkaoui@uh2c.ac.ma as reference by contacting  Ms Alami  Fatima Zahra and recalling it from me (Barkaoui).
Please also put Prof. Barkaoui in a copy and if there are any difficulties, please let him know.


Fatima Zahra ALAMI


Responsable Réservations


Hôtel Club Val d'Anfa


Angle Bd de la Corniche et Bd de l'Océan Atlantique - Aïn Diab - Casablanca - MAROC


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Tél. Direct           :+ 212 5 22 79 91 45




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