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01 - Quick start guide, hints, etc.

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Here you have the Quick Start Guide (video) that explains the main functionalities of Adobe Connect


Basic information to use Adobe Connect:

The link of the Unchain Live Meeting System:  

The log in data to access the Unchain Live Meeting System: 
username: email address (used for the wiki account) 
password: unchain09

System Requirements: see attached document

AUDIO - VIDEO information

- to have a better audio performance, it is advisable to use headset with microphone in order to avoid acoustic echo problems;
- once you enter the adobe connect session, it is possible to run an audio test to check that everything works correctly (select from the Menu Meeting:  Manage my setting / audio set up wizard and then follow the steps indicated);
- to enable your audio, click on the padlock you see next to the button "Talk" (down left) and then "allow" in the FlashPlayer pop-up window; 
- to enable your video, you have to install your webcam and then right click on the button "camera and voice" at the top left and then "allow" in the FlashPlayer pop-up window;   

PPT presentation:
To upload PPT presentation, select "documents" from the central window of "share" and then "select from my computer".
Once uploaded, the presentations will be available each time you enter the Unchain Live Meeting System and you don't need to upload them anymore.




















Technical problems with Adobe Connect? 
Here is a list of hints that can help you to solve these problems ...

First of all check the system requirements that you find attached in this page

The Application does not respond? 
- Close all the opened windows;
- Make a new access to the Adobe Connect System

Delay of audio and interruptions?
- Check your connection; 
- Check your data connection and latency time at the top right side of the Menu bar (see fig1/Img.1 attached in this page): if everything is ok this part of the bar is green, otherwise it is orange (connection problems), in this case try to close and restart the application Adobe Connect

No audio from the other partcipants?
- Check headset connection
- Run the audio setup wizard from the Meeting Menu (select "manage my settings”) (see fig1/Img.2 attached in this page)
Other participants don't hear you?
- Check microphone connection
- Run the audio setup wizard from the Meeting Menu (select "manage my settings”)
- Check that you have enabled the microphone: click on the  button "talk" at the bottom left, then click on "allow" .  When your microphone is enabled, you can see that the bar under the talk button is green (
see fig1/Img.3 attached in this page)

Problems to access the Adobe Connect System from the wiki?
Try the direct link: 







Do you need additional support?
Please contact the Help


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